Mastery17-Lists and Tuples

This mastery will be about lists and tuples. Both may seem the same at first glance: an array with any number of numbers.However, there are some important differences: In lists you can insert, delete, change values, whatever you want. With tuples you can’t change values, length etc. as soon as you have defined them. Tuples […]


Nesting is nothing more than placing one or more if statements within another if statement. I found this graphic on the website GeeksForGeeks and think it illustrates nesting very well: To better understand this scheme, I will now give you a code example: Let’s assume we’re reading a variable a, but don’t know what type […]


This Mastery is about conditionals in Python 3. Conditionals are essentially for coding as you will see in this post. Conditionals allow you to react to certain values of variables in a program. Conditionals in Python are structured as follows: So what kind of logical expressions are there in Python? Let’s see that through an […]

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